Fiction-Free Hiring

85% of employers say they have caught candidates lying on their resumes. At StackForce, we’re
removing the fiction from the screening process so you spend time with a vetted pool of candidates.

Evidence-based hiring

80% of the job candidates you engage in your hiring pipeline won’t make the cut. What if you could focus just on the 20% who are worth your time and money?

StackForce goes beyond smarter keyword matching to enable evidence-based hiring through peer-reviewed skills profiles.

Partner with the community

Stop writing generic job descriptions hoping they’ll match with the right resumes or LinkedIn Profiles. Engage with experts in the community to build living job requirements through Skill Stacks.

Understand from practitioners themselves how best to evaluate talent in different domains.

Optimize your talent

StackForce is about more than finding new candidates. It’s a platform for understanding and developing skills within your existing workforce.

Optimize your internal and distributed workforce by deploying the right people based on proven competencies, identifying skills gaps, and closing those gaps through targeted learning path remediation.

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