Show them how you stack up

Don’t you feel like you should be hired based on what you know, not who you know?
Build out your skill stacks, and we’ll help you prove what you can do through evidence-based
peer review. Collaborate with fellow practitioners to show the world how you stack up.

Collaborate with your peers

Engage with communities of practice to collaborate with your peers, defining the standards for assessing levels of proficiency in target skills, and engage other members as educators and validators. StackForce Networks are like modern-day guilds, providing a platform for skills definition, development, and employment.

Maximized employability

Maximized employability is more than an updated resume. It’s about engaging with experts in your domain, establishing a reputation, and on knowing where your field is evolving.

StackForce helps you connect the dots between your current skill set and where the market is going. Build a roadmap based on analytics on your fellow practioners’ experiences and learning.

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