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20 Jul 2020, 15:45
On Friday, 10 July 2020, STACKFORCE was celebrating its annual summer party.
2 Jun 2020, 12:39
Once again, STACKFORCE was awarded with the seal "Innovativ durch Forschung" by the "Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft".
30 Apr 2020, 12:32
We are pleased to announce that STACKFORCE has received the approval for the "KI-MUSIK-4.0" funding project. This project addresses the development and implementation of autonomous, highly integrated multi-sensor systems with real-time data and information processing based on methods of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) and is another step towards Industry 4.0.
27 Apr 2020, 09:08
Our ultra flexible Multi-Stack is extended by another component: In addition to Wireless M-Bus, Sigfox and LoRaWAN®, the innovative mioty® technology can now be selected for data transmission.
14 Apr 2020, 10:50
STACKFORCE is always working to improve its own products even further. The data transmission of our popular wireless M-Bus-to-LPWAN Bridge is now no longer possible only via LoRaWAN®, but also via mioty® and Sigfox.
23 Mar 2020, 11:35
We’re proud to inform you that Texas Instruments recently launched the order for their mioty products. As long-term cooperation partner of Texas Instruments, STACKFORCE programmers developed the mioty Demo as practical example for interested customers.
1 Mar 2020, 09:23
Together with major players of their respective business sectors, STACKFORCE was founding the mioty® Alliance. Objective of this alliance is to explain and communicate mioty® technology, invented by Fraunhofer IIS, as well as to develop the specification according to the needs of IoT market.
7 Nov 2019, 09:39
STACKFORCE was proud to be part of the recruiting exhibition at Offenburg at 06 November 2019.
17 Apr 2018, 10:14
Another stepping stone towards real-time wireless Industry 4.0. STACKFORCE is pleased to see the approval for a new international, bilateral funded project: “Reliable Time-Sensitive Networks in Distributed Cyber-Physical Systems for Real-Time Control Industry 4.0 Applications. “
28 Feb 2017, 14:44
STACKFORCE is now also supporting end devices to be connected to the SIGFOX network. The SIGFOX solution perfectly extends the LPWA and IoT protocol portfolio of STACKFORCE, offering already 6LoWPAN, LoRaWAN and embedded TLS solutions. Get in touch with us and check out, how STACKFORCE can connect your products to the Internet of Things too.

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