IoT Software

As part of our constantly growing portfolio range, STACKFORCE is able to offer some useful IoT software solutions to optimize wireless network transmissions for different kind of use cases. Of course, all of them are customizable to your individual needs and requirements.

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IoT Solutions

Test Gateway

The Wireless M-Bus Test Gateway is an interactive analysis, monitoring and data logging tool. It enables the visualization, testing and monitoring of telegrams in the development and operation phase of wireless networks. The Test Gateway can be individually adapted to the specific needs of your Internet of Things (IoT).

Each technology has its special properties and advantages, so it can be useful or even necessary to combine several communication technologies in the same system. The Integration Kit offers a simple and effective solution for handling all of them in just one network.

Streamsheets enable to process and visualize various device data immediately and in an understandable way without a single line of code. This browser-based dashboard provides a simple and customized solution for end users to manage and control their data.