For Device Makers

You are a device maker and want to enable your products for wireless communication using one or multiple low-power radio technologies?

You already have a precise idea about what wireless connectivity you need to add to your products?

Or you just start from scratch and need some consultancy and support to specify and realize your concept?

Perfect, let's work together! With our standard protocol stacks and radio modules, our tools and our experienced and motivated development team, we find a solution. Together, we define your individual requirements and enable your products to achieve maximum performance.

Our Products and services for Device Makers

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The mioty® Protocol Stack is an extremly efficient and particularly robust and scalable solution for modern IoT connectivity. It implements the innovative technology of telegram splitting, setting new standards in the field of wireless data transmission.

Wireless M-Bus and OMS

The Wireless M-Bus Protocol Stack is compliant to the Wireless M-Bus / OMS standard and additionally has professional support. It is optimized towards a compromise of small footprint, excellent modularity and scalability, combined with high functionality.


The LoRaWAN® Protocol Stack is a further development of the Open Source LoRaWAN® Stack. It is designed for high-performance industrial use in complex environments with high security requierements and at maximum performance.

Multi Stack

Our Multi-Stacks offer the possibility to choose between several stacks and radio standards, such as mioty®, LoRaWAN®, wireless M-Bus, OMS, Sigfox and others. This flexible solution allows you to achieve maximum usability when you connect your product to the Internet of Things (IoT).

Icon Hardware and Tools
Test Gateway

The Wireless M-Bus Test Gateway is an interactive analysis, monitoring and data logging tool. It enables the visualization, testing and monitoring of telegrams in the development and operation phase of wireless networks. The Test Gateway can be individually adapted to the specific needs of your Internet of Things (IoT).

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With our comprehensive services, we provide optimal support for your IoT project. Thanks to our many years of experience in the field of embedded software development, you can rely on us. We support you in:

  • Deciding which technology is right for your IoT project.
  • Development to adapt the software to suit your products.
  • Porting the software within your IoT project.

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