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Streamsheets enable to process and visualize various device data immediately and in an understandable way without a single line of code. This browser-based dashboard  offers an easy and individual solution for end users to manage and control their data.


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IoT Platforms

Streamsheets IoT platforms

Use Cases

Integration and orchestration

  • Edge pre-processing and data pooling
  • Protocol and semantic converters (OPC UA ⇔ MQTT ⇔ Kafka ⇔ ...)
  • OPC UA cloud proxy (tunnling via MQTT, REST, AMQP)
  • Service endpoints for 3rd party applications along the value chain

Monitoring, analizing and acting

  • Real-time dashboards and cockpits
  • Rule engines, conditional alerting and actions
  • Optimization of processes with self-learning business heuristics
  • Discovery and prediction of critical process conditions in real-time

decentralized control

  • Autonomous Industry 4.0 control systems
  • Integration of and pre-processing for blockchains and AI-systems
  • Self-organizing systems in procurement and logistics

quick-win solutions

  • Automated workflows
  • Provisional solutions
  • Proof-of-concept workflows
  • Educational applications
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cost savings

Process owners devitalize actively and without programmers

short training

Thanks to an already known and accepted GUI

technical & business

Optimal for fast realizations of processes in every domain

all common iot protocols

OPC-UA, MQTT, AMQP, REST, Kafka and LEGACY via field gateways

time savings

No lenghty briefings and specifications

quick implementation

Thanks to an interactive and visual modeling concept

connect to any"thing"

e.g. sensors, actuators, machines, apps or enterprise software

ideal for starting out

Ideal for prototyping, simulations and educational purposes

Commercial Features

  • First level support
  • Easy commissioning and configuration
  • Warranty and maintenance
  • Ensures a high quality product
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