mioty® STack

Single Stack 

mioty Stack

Key Features

software compliance

Compliant to ETSI Standard
TS 103 357 TS-UNB v1.1.1


Excellent robustness and long range
due to the innovative
telegram splitting technology


High scalability with up to 1.5 millions of messages per day using a single
mioty® base station

Pre-certification of software

Pre-certification on reference
hardware platform

Your benefits with our stack package

Stack Package Architecture

Well-designed API (Application Programming Interface)

Prepared for multi protocol applications: with flexible and well-proven multi stack API for seamless migration to other protocol stacks, e.g. OMS®, LoRaWAN®

Example application available

Example application allowing an easy start-up of the stack

Use with other embedded operating systems possible

Support for use in conjunction with common embedded operating systems (OS), such as TI RTOS or OS-less use (bare metal)

Strengthen the future viability of your devices with this stack

Protocol Stack Features


  • Class A & Z
  • Uni- and bidirectional transmission
  • Profiles: EU0 / EU1 / EU2 / US0 / IN866 (depending on hardware platform)
  • Stationary or mobile operation up to 120 km/h
  • Operation modes:
    • Standard
    • Retransmission
    • Low-Latency
  • Optimized power consumption by interrupt driven state management and exclude polling

Telegramm Splitting

Technical Information

Technical Specifications

Supported Specifications

  • ETSI TS 103 357 TS-UNB v1.1.1

Reference Hardware

  • STM32L0 + SX127x
  • CC13x0

Memory Requirements


The code sizes described above specify the typical required memory for operating the full featured protocol stack as a library including related drivers. Values based on reference hardware.

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Commercial Features

First level Support

Software Support

High quality product

Software availability

Easy comissioning & configuration

software configuration

Warranty & maintenance

warranty and maintenance

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