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Having the worldwide rapidly growing need for data in mind, the number of technologies that are used to reliably and securely transport data with specific requirements is also increasing. Each technology has its special properties and advantages, so it can be useful or even necessary to combine several communication technologies in the same system. Our Integration Kit offers a simple solution for handling all the technologies.

STACKFORCE Integration Kit network structure

Input and Output Formats

The Integration Kit can handle versatile technologies, of which the most common ones are shown below - But of course the list is not limited to those.

Integration Kit input and output formats

Operational Details


The Integration Kit receives incoming data transmitted via LoRaWAN®, mioty®, Wireless M-Bus/OMS, Sigfox, NB-IoT, Wi-SUN, WiFi, DECT ULE, WirelessHART, 6LoWPAN, ZigBee and other technologies.


Received data will be ...

  • decrypted,
  • defragmented (STACKFORCE enabled devices only),
  • pre-processed, e.g.
    • parsing and structuring of application data
    • filtering of telegrams
    • automated actions on reception
    • database storage for long term monitoring
  • parsed and structured:
    • Telegram headers
    • Application data
    • Decryption of telegrams CRC validation

Additional security steps are possible.


  • Data interfaces: MQTT, REST or OPC-UA
    (other standard and custom interfaces possible)
  • User interface:
    • Standalone web-interface for easy configuration
    • Optional: Web-interface providing telegram and sequence visualization
    • Optional: CSV export
  • Radio details:
    Background information provided by Physical Layer resp. network management, such as
    • RSSI - Received Signal Strength Indication
    • Gigh precision timestamp for compliance validation
    • Radio frequency stability for HF qualification


aggregation of data

from almost any low-power radio network

transparent technology independent

reception of device data


of fragmented data packets

comissioning and securing of devices

independent of radio technology


of data

docker image

enables easy deployment and maintenance

Commercial Features

  • First level support
  • Easy commissioning and configuration
  • Warranty and maintenance
  • Ensures a high quality product
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