Single Stack 

OMS v5.0.1 LPWAN Splitting Mode (UL-S1)

Key Features

software compliance

Compliant to EN 13757 and OMS® Specification, implementing Gen. 5 
Annex Q “OMS® LPWAN”

Telegram Splitting Technology

Excellent robustness due to the implementation of the telegram splitting 

Higher Range

Significantly higher range of the new OMS® generation compared to the previous version

Pre-certification of software

Pre-certification on reference
hardware platform

Your benefits with our stack package

Stack Package Architecture

Device interoperability

The OMS® v5 stack generation enables a high degree of device interoperability

Combination of two worlds

Combination of the interoperability of OMS® applications and the great robustness and range of mioty®


  • Customization and fine tuning of platform driver​
  • Customization of radio settings (e.g., frequency)

Short time-to-market

With a directly available OMS® v5.0.1 Standard Stack you shorten your time-to-market significantly

Strengthen the future viability of your devices with this stack

Protocol Stack Features

OMS® v5.0.1

Unidirectional transmission [UL-S1] – asynchronous mode

  • OMS® security profiles A & B (security mode 5 & 7)
  • TPL header (short and long), according to EN13757-7
    • Short header (CI-field 0x7A)
    • Long header, with ALA (CI-field 0x72)
  • AFL header according to EN13757-7
    • Message counter
    • 8-Byte CMAC
  • LLC header, according to OMS® v5.0.1 Annex Q
    • LC[0]-field: ANP, TAP, ULP
    • C-field: SND-NR
    • M-field, A-field (for transmitter address)
    • Access number
  • MAC header, according to OMS® v5.0.1 Annex Q
    • MHCTL[0] (0x00)
    • 4-Byte MAC CRC

Physical parameters [UL-S1] are according to Telegram Splitting Ultra Narrow Band (TS-UNB) profile EU0

Technical Information

Technical Specifications

Supported Specifications

  • EN 13757 and OMS® Specification, 
    implementing Gen. 5 Annex Q “OMS® 
  • TS-UNB – ETSI TS 103357

Reference Hardware

  • STM32L072CZ + SX1276
    verified on B-L072Z-LRWAN1

Memory Requirements


  • Already included 400 bytes RAM to typical stack library due to dynamic memory allocation (_RAM).

The code sizes described above specify the typical required memory for operating the full featured protocol stack as a library including related drivers. Values based on reference hardware.

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