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11 Jun 2024, 10:33
In the dynamic world of mainly the energy and utilities sector, the efficient capture and transmission of measurement data is crucial. This is where the Open Metering System (OMS) comes into play – a manufacturer-independent and open communication standard that, with its Generation 5, is revolutionizing the way data is collected and utilized.
11 Apr 2024, 10:20
On April 9, embedded world opened its doors in Nuremberg. This year, STACKFORCE was there for the first time with its own booth.The team drew a positive balance from the exhibition days. We made some new contacts who were inte-rested in the possibilities of embedded software in the IoT environment and had good discussions with well-known customers and industry colleagues.
6 Mar 2024, 09:00
OMS® v5 – the new generation enters the metering world! After intensive development work, we at STACKFORCE have our first stack of the new OMS® generation ready on the shelf with the release of the OMS® v5.0.1 UL-S1 stack. This powerful product combines the OMS® specification with the physical layer of mioty® LPWAN technology (specified according to TS-UNB - ETSI TS 103357).
27 Feb 2024, 09:00
With the release of our newest member of our dual stack family, we are expanding our product portfolio in the area of multi stacks. This dual stack for end-points is a high-performance solution that enables specified communication with the latest OMS® v4 and TR06 specification. OMS® over LoRaWAN® defines how OMS®-compliant data packets can be exchanged bidirectionally via LoRaWAN®.
27 Jun 2023, 21:01
On June 13, 2023, the half-year meeting of the companies that are significantly involved in the development of the funding project KI-MUSIK 4.0 took place in Duisburg. The results from the various subprojects were presented and evaluated. Since the start of the project in April 2020, we have been a partner and active contributor to this German funding project.
31 May 2023, 06:00
For almost 10 years we are an independent provider of protocol stacks and development services around embeddedsoftware and wireless communication for small devices. Through strategic partnerships, we are working further to expand our position in the market with our standard products to offer our customers a broader range of "off-the-shelf" products. With the expansion of the STACKFORCE product range for standard stacks, we can offer connectivity more cost-effectively and faster overall.
28 Mar 2023, 12:50
IoT systems are becoming increasingly important in the area of sustainability. Industrialization has been accompanied by massive consumption of resources, which has already led or will lead to resource scarcity. New technological innovations are instrumental in changing industrial processes and integrating environmentally friendly and resource-saving components into existing processes.
20 Mar 2023, 10:04
We look back on a successful participation at embedded eorld 2023. As a global platform and industry meeting point for the embedded community, the event is a guarantee for good conversations, knowledge exchange and networking with leading experts from all over the world.
15 Mar 2023, 11:09
On March 13, 2023, STACKFORCE GmbH and Diehl Metering, global provider of smart metering solutions, entered into a strategic partnership. STACKFORCE founder Prof. Dr.-Ing. Axel Sikora and Managing Director David Rahusen were guests at Diehl Metering to finalize the merger.
28 Feb 2023, 10:16
The Internet of Things (IoT) has as its basic concept to connect many different devices via the Internet so that data exchange can take place. Due to increasing automatization, networked devices are already being used in all sectors. They can be found in industry, agriculture, healthcare, private households and many other areas. What role does embedded software play here and what challenges must be mastered in software development?

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