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On April 9, embedded world opened its doors in Nuremberg. This year, STACKFORCE was there for the first time with its own booth. Four employees were on site, including Konrad Aicher, Managing Director Commercial and David Rahusen, Managing Director Technical.

A total of 1,100 exhibitors from almost 50 countries presented their products, solutions and innovations at embedded world. Very high visitor numbers gave the trade fair impressive growth of more than 20 percent. The STACKFORCE team also drew a positive balance from the exhibition days. We made some new contacts who were interested in the possibilities of embedded software in the IoT environment and had good discussions with well-known customers and industry colleagues.

We were able to demonstrate four of our products live on site

  • OMS® / M-Bus Sniffer Application on the STM32L0 + SX1276
  • Dual Stack OMS® / M-Bus + LoRaWAN® on the STM32WL55
  • OMS® / M-Bus Stack for End Devices on the CC1310
  • mioty® Stack on the CC1312

Of course, we also had our new products such as the OMS® v.5.0.1 UL-S1 or the Dual Stack OMS® v4.5.1 + OMS® over LoRaWAN® with us, which attracted a lot of attention from the trade fair visitors.

embedded world 2024 entrance
embedded world 2024 entrance visitors
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