product release OMS v4 & TR06 Stack

With the release of our newest member of our dual stack family, we are expanding our product portfolio in the area of multi stacks. This dual stack for end-points is a high-performance solution that enables specified communication with the latest OMS® v4 and TR06 specification. OMS® over LoRaWAN® defines how OMS®-compliant data packets can be exchanged bidirectionally via LoRaWAN®

Stack features 

  • The dual stack enables both remote meter reading via fixed LoRaWAN® networks and via OMS® v4walk-by/drive-by to ensure 100% data collection.
  • At the gradual changeover from OMS® to LoRaWAN®, OMS devices with an integrated dual stack can remain in the newly set up LoRaWAN® network, which offers utilities major cost savings.
    Seamless switching between stacks ensures maximum flexibility both at compile time and in the field.
  • User-defined protocol priority that can be set for every possible state of a system.
  • Optimized memory footprint when using a dual stack compared to two single stacks.

New in the OMS® v4.5.1 stack

Enable optimization of TRX timing

Security profile D

OMS® over LoRaWAN®

OMS® Up- & Downlink via LoRaWAN®

Security profiles A, B & D

Further OMS® & LoRaWAN® products are already on our roadmap for the first half of 2024 – the releases are scheduled for Q2 2024!

  • Dual Stack: OMS® v4.5.1 & LoRaWAN® v.1.0.4
  • Triple Stack: OMS® v4.5.1 & LoRaWAN® v.1.0.4 & TR06

Find out more about the Dual Stack: OMS® v4.5.1 & TR06 stack in our flyer or contact us!

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