product release OMS v5.0.1 UL-S1

OMS® v5 – the new generation enters the metering world! After intensive development work, we at STACKFORCE have our first stack of the new OMS® generation ready on the shelf with the release of the OMS® v5.0.1 UL-S1 Stack. This powerful product combines the OMS® specification with the physical layer of mioty® LPWAN technology (specified according to TS-UNB - ETSI TS 103357). 

What makes the new OMS® generation so special?

  • Significantly higher range of the new OMS® generation compared to the previous version.
  • Outstanding robustness thanks to the implementation of telegram splitting technology.
  • The OMS® v5 stack generation enables a high degree of device interoperability.

Stack Features

  • Unidirectional transmission [UL-S1] in asynchronous mode
  • OMS® security profiles A & B
  • Short and long TPL header (CI-fields 7Ah and 72h)
  • Physical parameters [UL-S1], according to Telegram Splitting Ultra Narrow Band (TS-UNB)
  • profile EU0

With the new OMS® generation, you can offer your customers high-performance products with the
option of expanding their fields of application in their existing OMS® networks.

Find out more about the OMS® v5.0.1 UL-S1 stack in our flyer or contact us!

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