Test Gateway

The wireless M-Bus Test Gateway is an interactive analysis, monitoring, and data logging tool for automated (long-term) testing. It enables visualization and analysis of radio messages transmitted according to Wireless M-Bus specification (EN 13757). It is intended to support testing and monitoring of Wireless M-Bus transmitting devices, such as meters and data concentrators, that are 

  • under development, 
  • in production, or 
  • require in-field analysis. 

The Test Gateway is suitable not only for performing automated tests during the production test phase, but for implementing long-term tests during actual operation which is a decisive advantage.

Wireless M-Bus Test Gateway

Network Structure

STACKFORCE wireless M-Bus Test Gateway network structure

User Interfaces

Web Interface

  • Standalone web-interface for easy configuration
  • Optional:
    • Web-interface providing telegram and sequence visualization
    • Centralized management of multiple Test Gateways
    • SSH

MQTT Interface

for automted (long-term) testing:

  • any output by the Wireless M-Bus Test Gateway will be formatted as JSON objects
  • MQTT can also be used for configuration of the Test Gateway
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Fully automated production tests

Compliance validation and robustness tests

e.g. during development

Monitoring and Logging

of wM-Bus traffic, e.g. for duration tests, field analysis, ...


of wM-Bus synchronous transmissions


  • of wM-Bus payload compliant to EN 13757-3 2013
  • of wM-Bus frames compliant to EN 13757-3/4/7 2019


of radio messages compliant to EN13757-4 2019


Standalone web-interface for easy configuration


of wM-Bus frames for encryption modes 5 and 7 compliant to EN 13757-7 2019

MQTT data interface

for easy and automated exchange including configuration

Commercial Features

  • First level support
  • Easy commissioning and configuration
  • Warranty and maintenance
  • Ensures a high quality product
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