OMS® v4.5.1 + OMS® over LoRaWAN®

Dual Stack 

Dual Stack: OMS v4.5.1 & OMS over LoRaWAN

Key Features

seamless switching between stacks

Seamless switching between stacks
ensures maximum flexibility


Remote meter reading enabled
by fixed networks and drive-by / walk-by


Ease of integration of LoRaWAN®
into the OMS® world

Pre-certification of software

Pre-certification on reference
hardware platform

Your benefits with our stack package

Stack Package Architecture

Exchange of standardized OMS® data points

Facilitate the reuse of existing systems for data processing through the exchange of standardized OMS® data points.

Platform Interface now available as source code

  • Customization and fine tuning of platform driver​
  • Customization of radio settings (e.g., frequency)

Optimized footprint

When using a dual stack compared to using two single stacks, the memory requirement is significantly optimized.

Strengthen the future viability of your devices with this stack

Protocol Stack Features

OMS® v4.5.1 for End Devices

  • EN 13757-3/-4/-7 (Wireless M-Bus) compliant Protocol Stack for End Devices
    • Operation modes S, T or C
    • Encryption modes 5, 7 and 10 (OMS® security profiles A, B & D)
    • Compliant to specification OMS® v4.5.1 by OMS® group, referring to EN 13757.
  • Annex C „Sensor“ compatibility
  • Enables application to support all use cases specified by Annex M „Requirements for OMS® use case support“ 
  • Optimization of TRX timings

OMS® TR06 v2.0.8

  • Standardized exchange of M-Bus application data via LoRaWAN®
  • LoRaWAN® v1.0.4 & Regional Parameters v1.0.3

Key characteristics

  • Multi-stack API
    • Easy migration from one stack to another (compile time switching)
    • Operation of multiple stacks in parallel (run time switching)
  • User-defined protocol priority to be set for each possible state of a system
  • Open platform driver enabling customizations (e.g., radio frequency)

Technical Information

Technical Specifications

Supported Specifications

  • EN 13757 (Wireless M-Bus) Open Metering Standard (OMS®)
  • OMS® over LoRaWAN® (acc. to TR06 v2.0.8) specification

Reference Hardware

ST Nucleo-WL55JC (STM32WL55JC)

Memory Requirements


The code sizes described above specify the typical required memory for operating the full featured protocol stack as a library including related drivers. Values based on reference hardware. The RAM requirements for LoRaWAN® FUOTA are not included in the values, as these are very dependent on the application.

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