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On June 13, 2023, the half-year meeting of the companies that are significantly involved in the development of the funding project KI-MUSIK-4.0 took place in Duisburg. The results from the various subprojects were presented and evaluated. Since the start of the project in April 2020, we have been a partner and active contributor to this German funding project.

Project goals

Within the project, highly integrated multi-sensor systems with real-time data and information processing are developed and implemented based on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) methods. The overall goal of the research is to make a significant contribution to Industry 4.0, particularly with regard to the efficiency, flexibility and autonomy of production plants, consistent digitization and predictive maintenance, because new acoustic sensors can tell a particularly great deal about the condition of machines and industrial plants. Thus, modern sensor concepts as well as the development of scalable machine learning methods can be used to ensure robustness, reliability and energy efficiency of sensor systems for numerous use cases.

STACKFORCE participation

STACKFORCE is contributing its expertise in a sub-project that focuses on the design, implementation and evaluation of an AI-based intelligent network management. The network management not only performs data stream management tasks, but is also responsible for managing communication and energy optimization for the individual network components, meaning that energy-autonomous systems could potentially be deployed. From an industrial perspective, this could contribute to the autonomy of production facilities. For example, their maintenance could be carried out predictively, industrial processes could be better monitored, and the energy efficiency of sensor systems could be increased to the point of energy self-sufficiency.

KI-MUSIK-4.0 Project

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