STACKFORCE GmbH is an independent company offering protocol stacks and development services around embedded software and wireless communication for small devices based on different hardware platforms for almost 10 years. In addition to different standard protocol stacks, we also offer the cost-efficient development of customized protocols as holistic protocol stacks or as a supplement to existing standard stacks. Our standard stack solutions can be integrated directly into products and used as components for existing or new to establish networks. Crystallization point are future-proof communication standards from the field of low-power radio technologies like Wireless M-Bus, LoRaWAN, mioty, IEEE 802.15.4, 6LoWPAN, Sigfox, and many more. Our goal is to support optimal connectivity within IoT networks with our products. 

As a globally active company, we are consistently working to further expand our market position in the area of standard protocol stacks and our business with embedded software solutions for sensor communication. To be able to follow this path in the best possible way, we work closely together with strategic partners. In addition to well-known and globally represented semiconductor manufacturers, our partners can also be users of our software solutions such as Diehl Metering, with whom we entered into a strategic partnership in March.  

These partnerships will enable us to exploit our potential in the area of standard stacks even more effectively and successively offer our customers a broader range of "off-the-shelf" products. Standard stacks are versatile and, thanks to continuous further development and constant maintenance, are not prone to errors. With the expansion of the STACKFORCE product range for standard stacks, we can offer connectivity more cost-effectively and faster overall which benefits not least the time-to-market of our customers. 

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