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The popular wireless M-Bus Protocol Stack by STACKFORCE leads to competitive products that are easy to install and maintain. The stack implements all protocol elements that are required for wireless M-Bus compliance and provides additional tool support. It is optimized towards a compromise of small footprint, excellent modularity and scalability, but though being feature-rich. Learn more about Wireless M-Bus technology!

STACKFORCE has partnered with multiple industry leading silicon vendors, thus the stack has already been ported to various platforms.

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We're proud, that several major players in their sector are trusting in STACKFORCE and are convinced by our wireless M-Bus Stack.

Let us convince you, too, of our well-proven and famous wireless M-Bus Stack:

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OUR Wireless M-Bus Stack ArchitecturE

Classical or with LPWAN technology

Our wireless M-Bus Stack is not just available as the standard version, compliant to EN 13757 or OMS specification as meter or collector, but also in combination with mioty® (M-Bus-over-mioty® stack) or LoRaWAN® (M-Bus-over-LoRaWAN® stack). Therefore you do not only benefit from the well-proven, well-spread and popular wireless M-Bus protocol, but also from the advantages of the modern LPWAN (Low-Power Wide Area Network) technologies. They enable larger transmission ranges, which is especially of interest for applications like Smart Metering and Smart City.

wM-Bus stack for meter / collector

according to
EN 13757 or

wM-Bus stack architecture

M-Bus-over-LPWAN stack for meter / collector


LoRaWAN.png or mioty_orange.png


wM-Bus-over-LPWAN stack architecture
wM-Bus-over-mioty stack architecture

Supported Specifications

Compliant according EN 13757-4 "Wireless M-Bus Communication"

  • Physical Layer
  • Supporting the most popular modes:
    • Mode T, permitting short Rx windows for meters (2 ... 3 ms)
    • Mode C, including support for combined T and C mode as collector
    • Other modes possible
  • Frame format A and B

Compliant according EN 13757-3/7 "Application protocols"

  • De- / Encryption
  • Authentication
  • Application Layer

Compliant according OPEN METERING STANDARD (OMS)

  • Version 3.0.1
  • Version 4.0.2
  • Version 4.1.2
  • Prepared for encryption mode 13 (TLS)

Compliant to other wireless M-Bus standards

  • DSMR
  • ESMR
  • CIG
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Stack Features

Flexible Interfaces

  • API for Application Layer for single chip solutions
    (API for other layers (e.g. DLL) possible)
  • API for externalization of security functions
  • Well-formed Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL)
  • Available as library

Network processor

  • Well-proven serial interface with minimal
  • All API functions available via serial interface
  • Serial interface supports UART, SPI, I²C, …
  • AES encryption for serial interface

Support of hardware acceleration

If provided by the platform, the stack supports the use of hardware acceleration, like:

  • AES de- / encryption
  • CRC-16
  • De- / encoding of Manchester, 3 out of 6, ...

Wireless M-bus mode and device type selection

Selection of mode (e.g. T and C), direction (unidirectional / bidirectional) is possible ...

  • during compile time to shrink the memory footprint.
  • during runtime to permit flexibility at any time in the field.

Flexible Software Timer

In order to make use of only one hardware timer for all wireless M-Bus related timings, the stack can perform compensation for synchronous interval timing as well as automatically drop packets in case of a large mismatch.

Support of any type of non-volatile memory

  • EEPROM, Flash, MRAM, …
  • Internal / external (e.g. connected via SPI)

Commercial Features

  • First level support
  • Easy commissioning and configuration
  • Warranty and maintenance
  • Ensures a high quality product
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Beyond wireless M-Bus

Wireless M-Bus surely is the standard protocol for metering purposes. But wouldn't it be great to enhance the flexibility of your network and to be able to switch between wireless M-Bus or OMS and also LPWAN technologies like mioty®, LoRaWAN®, Sigfox and others? We make it possible!

Multi Stack

Our Multi-Stacks offer the possibility to choose between several stacks and radio standards, such as mioty®, LoRaWAN®, wireless M-Bus, OMS, Sigfox and others. This flexible solution allows you to achieve maximum usability when you connect your product to the Internet of Things (IoT).

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