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9 Dec 2019, 09:02
In December 2019, the business park Breisgau published a portrait about STACKFORCE in it's magazine ParkJournal. The article gives an overview about STACKFORCE's abilities and customized solutions for industrial IoT projects.
7 Nov 2019, 09:39
STACKFORCE was proud to be part of the recruiting exhibition at Offenburg at 06 November 2019.
16 May 2019, 11:01
First quarter of 2019 STACKFORCE experienced major changes: A new branch office in Offenburg has been launched and the headquarter has moved to business park Breisgau. Both steps open new opportunities to provide even better services and support to our customers.
13 May 2019, 12:28
In summer 2019, STACKFORCE was awarded as "Klimaheld 2019" by the energy service provider badenova.
5 Feb 2019, 20:18
STACKFORCE was proud to give a workshop at The Things Conference in Amsterdam
15 Jan 2019, 09:57
Prof. Dr. Sikora speaks about the advantages of DECT- and ULE-technologies at the openD Launch Conference in Nürnberg.
16 May 2018, 12:11
STACKFORCE is proud to be the winner of the Innovation Award-IT of the "Initiative Mittelstand" in the category Communication. We are very happy that our solution, the Wireless M-Bus-to-LPWAN Bridge, has been chosen as the best innovation. The award shows us that we are making an important contribution with our work.
17 Apr 2018, 10:14
Another stepping stone towards real-time wireless Industry 4.0. STACKFORCE is pleased to see the approval for a new international, bilateral funded project: “Reliable Time-Sensitive Networks in Distributed Cyber-Physical Systems for Real-Time Control Industry 4.0 Applications. “
28 Feb 2017, 14:44
STACKFORCE is now also supporting end devices to be connected to the SIGFOX network. The SIGFOX solution perfectly extends the LPWA and IoT protocol portfolio of STACKFORCE, offering already 6LoWPAN, LoRaWAN and embedded TLS solutions. Get in touch with us and check out, how STACKFORCE can connect your products to the Internet of Things too.
30 Jan 2017, 15:01
STACKFORCE has been accepted as a partner for the DHBW Lörrach, a Cooperative State University combining on-the-job training and academic studies.

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