Regarding the official founding date of STACKFORCE GmbH in 2014, we are currently facing our sixth year as a company. But in fact, the company’s roots and thus the gained experience reach back much further.

In 2002, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sikora established the Steinbeis Transfer Center for Embedded Design and Networking (stzedn), which is still active in the Steinbeis group and based in 79423 Heitersheim. At stzedn, services like consulting, training, planning and implementation were and are offered on the main topics of embedded systems, wireless communication and circuit development. The Steinbeis Research Institute for Wireless Communication (sfidk) followed in 2005 and the Steinbeis Innovation Center for Embedded Design and Netowkring (sizedn) in 2007. With Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sikora joining the Offenburg University of Applied Sciences in 2011, the Research Institute resp. Innovation Center and the Transfer Center were separated in terms of space and tasks. The next logical step was to set up an independent company for offering solutions for embedded networking. Therefore, in 2014 Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sikora founded STACKFORCE GmbH. The staff as well as the gained experience from Transfer Center, Research Institute and Innovation Center could be integrated seamlessly into the young company.

A lot has happened in the past six years and the STACKFORCE GmbH has evolved dynamically: From pure research and industrial projects to a specialist for providing components, solutions and development services all around embedded connectivity. The range of fields of activity has grown and STACKFORCE is now an established part of the market of embedded networking. It is a proud partner of large networks and an active member in several alliances (e.g. OMS Group, Sigfox Partner Network, LoRa Alliance, mioty Alliance). STACKFORCE has received several awards for innovation, research and products. In addition, the headquarter has moved from Heitersheim to business park Breisgau and founded a branch office at technology park in Offenburg.

STACKFORCE is heading towards an exciting future. As a young and yet not so young company, STACKFORCE will continue to act agile and innovative on developing and providing individual solutions for embedded networking. Here you can find more information about the STACKFORCE company history.



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