Wireless M-Bus manufacturer ID calculation

The generic ID can be derived from the manufacturers ID list maintained by DLMS User Association. This list can be found here:

Calculation of the 16-bit manufacturer ID used in EN 13757-4 based on those three letter codes is like this: 32 x 32 x <A> + 32 x <B> + <C>
Whereas, <A>, <B> and <C> correspond to the number of the character within the alphabet.

Calculation example:

The three letter code for manufacturer STACKFORCE is STF.
The character number within the alphabet for the single letters are: S=19, T=20 and F=6.
This leads to: 32 x 32 x 19 + 32 x 20 + 6 = 20102 = 0x4E86


Enter three letter code for the manufacturer: Manufacturer ID:

Wireless M-Bus checksum (CRC) calculation

This tool is for calculating the checksum for given data according to Wireless M-Bus. 

Enter hexadecimal data: