Use case: Smart Swimming pool technology 

The basic requirement for running a swimming pool is a permanently good water quality. Often, the swimming pools are crowded, which means that a regular check of the water is necessary. However, it is not only water quality that plays a major role for bathing establishments, information on the state of the water quantity is also an important indicator for a smooth bathing operation. 

If the data are recorded manually, this can pose greater challenges for bathing establishments – especially when several swimming pools are in operation. What are the benefits of Smart Metering in the area of swimming pool technology and how can STACKFORCEs Protocol Stacks be used for this purpose? In the video, we want to go into more detail about the benefits of networking devices for the end user. 

Fast response times through smart solutions 

Sensors located in the swimming pools continuously record data on water quality with the pH value, the water temperature, the filled external water quantity, the heated or circulated water quantity, etc. The collected data is processed directly and transmitted by radio to a central location. Deviations from predefined normal values are detected immediately, enabling a real-time response. If, for example, the water level is falling, which indicates a leakage in the swimming pool, it is possible to react immediately and prevent major damage. 

Smart software solutions such as Protocol Stacks from STACKFORCE are used for individual swimming pools, but also larger bathing establishments can be networked. A company which is running several independant swimming pools can relocate the monitoring to a central location that comfortably monitors all processes. With the automatic data acquisition by sensor, permanent water monitoring on site is eliminated, for example. With the help of software, the entire operational processes and workflows can be controlled in a targeted manner, which results in significant cost savings. 

Protocol Stacks from STACKFORCE – also for your application 

Do you have a use case in Smart Metering or another area that you want to make more efficient with software support? We provide you with the right Protocol Stack! Years of development work have resulted in three highly functional Protocol Stacks – based on different, future-oriented communication standards. We would be happy to advise you on which technology is the right one for your application. 

We also want to give a closer insight into the technologies that our Protocol Stacks are equipped with in the next articles. Read more about our LoRaWAN Stack in the next post

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