Use Case: Smart (Dairy) Farming

The agriculture sector is increasingly engaged in digitizing processes that are cumbersome and time-consuming to implement manually. In our use case, we focused on Smart Dairy Farming. It is not uncommon for farmers to manage huge areas of pasture, which are used alternately by cows for grazing. So a lot of land and with it some pasture fences, gates and drinking troughs have to be maintained and likewise the milking process, milk production and feed production or stables have to be monitored regularly.

In our video, we show how digitization can work in agriculture and how exactly Protocol Stacks from STACKFORCE can support this. The use case illustrates the benefits for the end user of networking devices on the farm.


Do you have a use case in Smart Farming or another area that you would like to make more efficient with software support? We provide you with the right tool! Years of development work have resulted in various highly functional Protocol Stacks, whereas three of them are now available as an off-the-shelf software - based on different, future-oriented communication standards such as LPWAN. These can be used as a single stack or with several technologies as a multi-stack. We will be happy to advise you on which technology is the right one for your application. 

In the next article, we will report on the LPWAN newcomer mioty®. The article will answer questions such as: "What kind of technology is mioty®? What is mioty® used for? What is so special about it?“

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