Of course, the corona pandemic did not leave us untouched – The tension can also be felt clearly on our market, both among suppliers and customers. Fairs and congresses were cancelled, and with them one of our most valuable opportunities to announce and explain our company, products and solutions and the technologies we use.

The (very) good news is that we have so far been able to completely avoid short-time work and staff cuts – With suitable actions, we were able to maintain our usual level of performance in the past few months. With our excellent IT equipment and our highly motivated IT team, we easily enable our employees to work from home, even across borders. Most of the internal and external meetings were and are carried out via online meetings, and mobile access to our network allows us to continue (jointly) working on projects in home office without delay. A visit to the office was only nessecary for accessing tests on hardware and software. As a result, there was only a small team in the office, the compilation of which was rescheduled weekly to ensure the greatest possible distance between workplaces and avoidance of contact points. Of course, rules for using the kitchen, sanitary and catering areas have also been drawn up and followed by our employees in an exemplary manner. The daily multiple disinfection of shared surfaces and devices (tables, door handles, coffee machine, tel-ephone, etc.) quickly became routine. In addition, at the beginning of the pandemic, each employee got a STACKFORCE mouth-nose mask, specially made by a regional manufacturer.

The conclusion is, we haven’t been unaffected by the pandemic, but we got off very lightly. We were able to react quickly and flexibly to the new situation and to apply appropriate actions without having to accept reduced performance. We are in particular happy for having the whole team still with us and even gain some new additions. We sincerely hope to be able and will do everything to continue like this.

STACKFORCE Corona mask

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