Our similarly proven and popular Wireless M-Bus Stack represents seamless connection and easy integration of smart meters. The Wireless M-Bus protocol, which is firmly established in the metering industry, enables wireless communication for water, gas, heating, electricity and other meters and enables data concentrators to record all meter data. This in turn enables smart metering.

In addition to the classic version as a pure EN 13757 or OMS compliant Wireless M-Bus Stack (meter or collector) supporting several modes, we at STACKFORCE can now offer it combined with the LPWAN technologies mioty® or LoRaWAN®. While the stack itself remains with all well-proven Wireless M-Bus features relevant for the use in the metering branch, the data transmission is extended to make use of the advantages of LPWAN technologies like mioty® or LoRaWAN®. In particular, a much greater range can be achieved – and in case of mioty®, also an unrivalled resistance to interferences is included. Especially for fixed networks for smart metering and smart city applications, the LPWAN versions of the Wireless M-Bus Stack represent an attractive alternative.

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wireless M-Bus Stack Architecture

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