The popular LoRaWAN® Stack is available as open source – So why should I spent money for it? Here are five answers to this very good question!


1. Are you planning to use the stack for a challenging industrial project?

You would not choose a bleeding edge solution to drive an industry project requiring solid components, would you? Our Industrial LoRaWAN® Stack comes with an industrial grade of maturity and hardening, including warranty!

2. Is the lifetime of a protocol stack the same like for your products?

Have you ever worried about long-term maintenance and availability? Do you prefer to be on the safe side? We will cover your back by providing support and maintenance for the Industrial LoRaWAN® Stack.

3. You don’t like limits when it comes to individual performance?

The Industrial LoRaWAN® stack can be tailored into the exact shape you actually need, by adding features and functionality from STACKFORCE’s IoT shelf, like extended security, easy commissioning, application layer protocols.

4. You love to be flexible?

Our Industrial LoRaWAN® Stack uses our Multi-Stack API, which enables easy switching between other common LPWAN stacks, like mioty® and Sigfox, and potential upcoming other interesting protocols.

5. Warrantied?

Yes! Industrial grade software requires warranty included.


STACKFORCE Industrial LoRaWAN® Stack
LoRaWAN® Stack – a promising solution for complex environments
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Technical aspects of the LoRaWAN® Stack - part 2

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